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Digital photography has enabled a new generation of amateur photographers to create beautiful images and also to be able to go back to their captures and change some aspect of those pictures on their computers. There are all sorts of effects that can be adjusted on digital images and they can be extremely effective.

Thanks to that most crucial of digital photographic cheats is the crop function that allows you to rework your image framing if you didn't get it right first time, and cut out that unwanted feature that somehow crept into your shot.

Furthermore you can now adjust all kinds of other settings such as the contrast and brightness in your image, the exposure, colour levels and far more besides. These abilities have made it possible for numbers of amateurs to become, in effect, photographic artists, by allowing them to perfect their shots after the fact and thus learn as they go along what it is that makes a perfect shot.

You can now in post-production review the enlargement of background elements in order to bring foreground elements more into focus, change the position of anything in the image, deal with any visible skin blemishes, clean other areas for better clarity or even completely remove unwanted items from an image.

Nowadays you can create images that wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery, if you are so inclined. And if you are, who's to say that one day your work won't be gracing the studios and exhibitions of the world?

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